Building a Jaguar C-Type replica

The Jaguar C-Type is synonymous with style and speed, having won Le Mans 24 hour race in 1951.  Since there were only 53 built, originals are rare and when they do come to the market they demand high prices out of reach for many (one sold at Bonhams in 2016 for £5m).  I wanted to build a car that provides an opportunity to own a Jaguar C-Type replica that is as as close to the original as possible.

The build

I’ve spent the past few months building a the car using x body.  The chassis is a blah blah

I also sourced many original features such as Brooklands windscreens, gauges

The engine is a xx  with 0-60 in x.

I’m getting to the point now where I will be taking it to be sprayed.  More about this in my next blog.  For more about buying this car, or our services contact me at






Building a Jaguar C-Type replica